Another Grateful Seller With ERO Investments.

Mr. Edward O’Daniel was very helpful in assisting us in selling a property that had multiple problems. He was great in keeping the lines of communication open and we were well informed about the progress being made.
In the event we have any other property to sell we would not hesitate to ask for Mr. O’Daniels assistance.

Patricia and David G.

This is a great couple that started in one of our homes as a Lease to Own resident but wanted to use the Federal tax credit to reduce the price of their home. So we converted them to Owner Financing and they received the $8000 tax credit for their home. They are very happy and thankful for what ERO Investments was able to do for them.

This couple had been renting for years and was planning on getting married and wanted to find a home of their own but because of bad credit they were unable to get a home loan. Our Lease to Own program allowed them to move into one of our houses with a low down payment. Our company is currently repairing their credit and will be able to get them a home loan very soon. They can’t say enough good things about our company.

This young man has never owned a home before but desperately wanted to. He was able to get qualified for one of our homes utilizing the Federal tax credit. He is now living the american dream in his own home instead of renting.

This is a retiring landlord who no longer wanted to own rental property. We took care of him handling all paperwork and gave him a smooth closing so that him and his wife may move onto other things in there life.

This client was able to move into his new home with a small down payment and now his monthly payments are hundreds of dollars less per month then he was paying renting a home. Now he has the privilege of home ownership and he and his family are living very well.